Procession through space and kinetics of form

Environmentally conscious use of materials and building operations

Illustration of space and definer of tone

Intersections of form and materials

Expression of the nature of materials

Re-purposed materials

reclaimed barnwood




Synthetic Decking


SOLAR Thermal

Fifteen 300 deep WELLS

transfer ground table

water temperature to

heat and cool the house

without fossil fuel

Solar Electric

The firm philosophy is that an open approach to design must be applied to each project. The design is the result of working with the client's needs, analyzing the characteristics of the site, and working within the project budget. There are, however, common elements that go into every design: The amount of  energy that goes into making and operating the building, the movement through the building, processional and kinetic forms, the convergence of materials and forms, and the use of light both natural and artificial to define the space.